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The best place to start is deciding what your domain name is going to be. This can be a tough decision due to all the variables involved.

The most difficult part of choosing the domain name this is the fact that there is a good chance the name you want is already in use. There is a plus side though. The prevalent .com that is so heavily used is really one of many dot whatever extensions that are available to you. A few common extensions are .net, .org, and .cc. There are also many more. Plus, it seems like new extensions are released every few years or so. The .com of your choice may currently be in use, but you could have an alternative extension available that will work just as well.

At this point I would suggest giving thought to what you want your site to look like. This is important because your site needs to give your visitors a good first impression. Thinking about the looks can be enough. As long as you have some sort of basic idea that can then be built upon. For the artistically inclined, it wouldn't be a bad idea to grab some scratch paper to scribble some ideas out. This will help give a visual to what you are picturing in your mind.

Compiling a list of colors to use is another step along the road. Colors say many different things to a visitor. Bright vibrant colors, when used correctly, can make an eye catching site. However, bright colors don't show a sense of professionalism. Muted colors are easier on the eyes and they coax your visitor to stay around to see what you have to say. Very bright colors, like pure yellow, will not show up on the screen well and are hard to look at. They should be avoided, unless used sparingly as accents.

Once you have the basic idea for what your site will look like and how it will function, it will be time to move into actual production. This is where I take over while you sit back and relax. I don't want you to get too relaxed though, since I will be sending you mockups and tests to approve.
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